Welcome to THE GEOM!

Our story began in LA, California, 2012. Designer Iris turned her interest and passion into a reality, started a small store, bridging the trendy fashion boutique designs with the local customers. Meanwhile we put ourselves depth into the industry, making our owned designs real costumes and sharing with the customers.

The mixed culture of LA and decade life inspire the freedom and dare to express yourselves on all kinds of occasions. Classic and beautiful designs are full of wisdom. Modern lifestyle is changing fast, ladies need more than classic styles. The dressing comfort and great look do not simultaneously exist on occasions. The balance between is the point we care more. We put comfort on priority, and design more to help ladies to stand out and express their personable styles.

Inspired by Geometry of Design. THE GEOM is the beauty of design. Our designers believe fashion is diversified. Everyone is special, individual values. We make the essentials and boutiques to inspire people.


To keep environment clean is the responsibility for everyone on the earth, the business should stand out.

Our commitment here, we would strive to use the most sustainable materials and natural fabric. Our manufacturing partners keep sourcing the industrial top fabric like organic cotton and quality certified recycled materials.

Reduce the waste, carbon and plastic;
Reuse quality fabric, re-knit and re-cashmere;
Recycling, keep donating products to the poverty areas where they need.

Healthy Supply Chain

To ensure the healthy supply chain, we have auditors to evaluate factors like fair wages, labor conditions, reasonable hours, etc. Not just aligned with the GOV policy, but also more than a safe and healthy work environment.

Expand Online

With owned fabric sourcing, material quality control and cutting standard, also advanced manufacturing technique, combined with the design artwork, our goal is to make affordable quality and stylish costume comfy people on all kinds of occasions.

2020 global pandemic situation make things changed. We step online in 2021, expand our products and service to the global customers.

We design and make the fashion boutiques as always, to inspire people, to express their own personal styles.

We believe we can make a difference.

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Contact: service@thegeom.com