How to style white tank tops

THE GEOM how to style white tank tops
Basics may be the trickiest part of any wardrobe, and the white tank top is not an  exception. There are a few boxes that any good white tank top should tick: It should be lightweight enough to weather summer heat or layer under your favorite fall cardigan, versatile enough to throw on with no more than just a pair of jeans or your favorite blazer, and perhaps most importantly, make you feel like a off-duty ’90s model.

-With pants

-With skirts

-With blazer & denim jacket


-With shorts

The white tank top gives a modern outfit a streetwear twist, it will make you look nonchalant in a full tailored suit. It can help dress up the lowbrow version for the office, pair it with sharply tailored trousers or a pencil skirt. It can achieve a lot of different looks and can be taken to any direction. 

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