Reveal the secret of the trend of Y2K style!

Y2K refers to the style that appeared in the early 1990s to the early 21st century. At that time, the birth of the Internet was an opportunity for social and cultural changes. So the millennials are considered to be full of surrealism and futurism. This digital sense with mysterious color technology is embodied by bright and bright colors, creating a dizzying effect.

Here we dive headfirst into the Y2K fashion trend ,show you how to incorporate it into your closet without looking like you’re having a mid-life crisis.

The biggest feature of Y2K clothing style is the futuristic glossy fabric, highly saturated colors, and slim fit and tailoring.

If you think metallic clothes are too exaggerated, you can choose the basic three of bell bottoms, miniskirts, and platform shoes to increase the saturation of the color. You are a proper millennial hot girl!

Sexy and lazy Slip Dress is a magic weapon to exude charm. Simple style tailoring, coupled with glossy fabrics. Paired with kitsch accessories is the party queen of the millennium.

Fashion is a reincarnation, and the millennial style is making a comeback 20 years later. This contradictory combination of retro and futuristic senses embodies everyone's nostalgia for the era of rapid technological development in 2000, as well as beautiful visions for the future, showing an optimistic attitude towards dressing.


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