Every paris girl is holding a "basket"

If you were to tag French style, what keywords would you give?  #chic# #retro# ... By the way, there is also a #wovenbag# must not be missing. 

The ancestor of the woven bag trend is Jane Birkin. The simple white T-shirt and jeans are matched without any extra decoration. The embellishment of a woven bag highlights the casual and chic. There is another kind of dismissive wildness in French elegance.

When it comes to woven bags, the first scene that everyone thinks of is usually the sun and the beach, as if this is the most reasonable occasion for it to appear. Nowadays, the woven bag has been derived from various versions that are practical and goodlooking. Today I will show you some woven bags or bags with woven elements.

1.Tote Woven Bag


 2.Bucket Woven Bag


 3.Hand Holding Woven Bag


4.Round Woven Bag

If you ask me what kinds of bag I must have this summer, woven bags are the best choice, whether we go to wedding banquets, appointments, or even to go out, you can definitely find your favorite woven bag style.


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