Dress like a fashionista

Today I will share a fashion blogger with you to bring some new inspiration to your daily collocation.

@Deborabrosa is a fashion stylist from Portugal and one of the hottest fashion bloggers in recent years. She can show 5 inch higher in fashion effects by outfits. It is definitely a great dressing reference!

Total look in the same color

The same color system does not specifically refer to the same color, it refers to two or more different colors in the same color system. This combination can highlight the sense of hierarchy.

Pure color is a simple and better choice, because pure color makes you look taller and thinner.

Shoes and pants are the same color

The same color of shoes and trousers will make the legs look longer and thinner, which will greatly increase your "visual height".

Different shoe toes could show different height, as follows:
Pointed head>round head>square head


Wear pants with draped fabrics

The draped lines can reduce the width of the crotch, make your legs more slender and stylish, visually losing weight successfully.

All black

No matter what fashion style you want to try, you would never go wrong with all black.

But all black is more than just a combination of black pieces. It requires more elaborate details, such as embellishing some brightly colored pieces.

All above is what I want to share with you. Remember that dressing isn't about blind obedience, it's about finding your style through constant reference and learning.

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