Had you ever purchased any same style in different colors?

Buying "same style in different colors" is a variety of possibilities for matching. It is not a bad thing to buy repeatedly. It represents a certain maturity in taste. We will always buy many things that are not suitable for us along the way, and the same type of things. Buying and buying means that we have found our own route and know our own preferences. We wear clothes to set off ourselves, instead of just creating a changeable image.

French Suspender Dress

The dress cut by the tooling pocket looks clean and neat without losing the retro temperament, matching with a tube top, it is simple and elegant.

THE GEOM French Suspender Dress White
THE GEOM French Suspender Dress Khaki

 Puff Sleeve Princess Dress

Yellow is dreamy, black is eternal, romantic princess dress with luxurious pearl chain, you will be the most eye-catching girl on the street when you wear it.

THE GEOM Puff Sleeve Princess Dress Black
THE GEOM Puff Sleeve Princess Dress Yellow

 Hot Drilling Sleeveless Top

Shoulder padded top is a must-have item for fashionable people’s wardrobe. The sleeveless top perfectly modifies the visual proportions. The unique tailoring shows the power of boyfriend style without losing the feminine taste.

THE GEOM Hot Drilling Sleeveless Top Black
THE GEOM Hot Drilling Sleeveless Top Blue

It’s not easy to come across a style that suits you perfectly, especially if the color and style are suitable for you, it’s ok to buy more colors. Different colors can express different beauty and different moods.


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