Pajama Party

The tone of the pajama party is always pleasant. People can relax their body and play with their companions. They can also make different friends in different culture.

Here I will talk about three different styles of pajamas to you.

-French print pajama set

Step into a world of floral explosion in these floral printed nightsets. The same style headband complete the look. Featuring a rich and colourful floral print, wrap yourself from head to toe in these beautifully luxurious sets.

THE GEOM blogpost Pajama Party P1

-Silky satin girly pajama set

Sexy is defined by yourself, the sling satin homewear allows you to show your perfect posture all the time. It also creates a smooth, cool and soft feel on the skin. This style is perfect for a special night in. 

THE GEOM blogpost Pajama Party P2

-Ultra-soft cotton pajama set 

The pure color sets in silky modal fabric make for a staycation wherever you are. It could upgrade your home comfort experience and improve the quality of life.

THE GEOM blogpost Pajama Party P3

Finally, here a few tips about pajama party to share with you:

1. Dress accurately
2. Don't just talk to familiar people
3. Express yourself generously
4. Respect others

May you would enjoy pajamas parties there!

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