Must-Have Fall Pieces to Elevate Your Outfits

Fall is the season that brings a lot of excitement into the fashion world. Thanks to the colder weather, it is possible to layer clothes, creating outfits with more depth and personality. Moreover, falling leaves, pumpkin spiced lattes, and the Halloween season all introduce warm colors that bring the fall season to life. Therefore, now is the perfect time to invest in some new clothing pieces. These items are perfect for fall and will allow you to create various outfits and express yourself. 

 Mock Neck Top

 A good mock neck top is an absolute must-have this season. It creates the same silhouette as the turtle neck without constriction. Pleated Mock Neck Top by THE GEOM is the perfect example of what your go-to mock neck top should look like. It comes in black and gray, which are both perfect colors to incorporate into fall outfits. This top will also be able to elevate any outfit thanks to the textured fabric. 

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 Leather Dress

There is no better time to wear leather than now. Instead of going for leather pants, you should opt for a less traditional leather garment: a dress. The leather fabric can add an edge to an otherwise very feminine silhouette of a dress. THE GEOM Leather Shirt Dress is perfect for layering and can be worn with either heels or boots. 

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Cardigan Sweater

Fall isn't fall if you aren't wearing your favorite sweaters. However, this year cardigans are all the rage. Therefore, a great way to combine trends with classic pieces is to introduce a sweater cardigan into your wardrobe. This one by THE GEOM is very stylish as it features intricate knit details and big pearl buttons.


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A great way to keep yourself warm on cold days is to wear tights. Furthermore, tights allow you to wear the same fashion pieces in different ways. Invest in various tights that will help you dress up your fall outfits. 


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Flared Pants

Flared pants help achieve an hourglass figure. These Flared Pants by THE GEOM come in a coffee brown that is perfect for fall outfits with warm colors. Moreover, these pants can be styled for various occasions and are even work-appropriate. The solid color of the pants will allow you to style them with a white shirt, sweater, or even a crop top for a modern twist.


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Investing in good pieces now will pay off as you will be able to include them in many different outfits and wear them for many seasons. THE GEOM offers stylish, modern, and great quality garments 

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