Besties Outfits

There is nothing happier than shopping, chatting and eating with your girlfriends. Hang out and wear eye-catching outfits with besties this summer.

Tip 1: Different styles of the same color

The easiest way is to wear different styles of the same color. You could tell at a glance that the girls are very closed.

As we know black will always have a place in the fashion industry. One of you is dressed with a black T-shirt and shorts, the other one wears a black suspender dress and black high heels, it's pretty cool and sexy.

THE GEOM Bestie Outfit - Different styles of the same color

Tip 2: Same style

When you go out with your girlfriends, comfort is certainly need to be considered. There is nothing more comfortable than casual wear.

Jeans should be a must-have item in everyone's wardrobe. Wearing a simple T-shirt or tank top with sneakers, that's very casual and comfortable. Coupled with bringing a watch of the same model in different colors, it will be very eye-catching.

THE GEOM Bestie Outfit - Same style

Tip 3: Same elements

Using the same elements in the details of clothing to match a different but harmonious style, it could create a sense of aesthetic conflict.

Everyone has their own style, maybe one in a sweet style, the other shows more personality, it's just like the feelings between besties, different from each other but so complementary.

THE GEOM Bestie Outfit - Same elements

The above is today's sharing, get these 3 matching skills, you will be the most fashionable besties.

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